Passionate about
big ideas


We work with startups and companies with high growth potential. We're passionate about big ideas and working with people who feel the same.

We understand that at the validation, FFF and SEIS stages, startups and founders are strapped for cash and what matters is getting to the next proof point. We partner with startups to help establish brand and design as an early competitive advantage


We like to keep our process simple. Everything starts with 'Why?'. Consistency is perhaps the biggest benchmark for building trust in a brand. Starting out with purpose, clarity and direction make this much easier to achieve.

The most effective branding achieves balance, a mix of maths and magic. We work the agreed direction into a resolved visual identity through an iterative process of feedback and response between designer and client.

Once the finished identity has been realised we compile all the tools you need to put your brand to use and give it the the best chance of being most effective. Your brand is much more than just a logo.


Meaningful design

Tools to get started


Establishing Startups

Giving big ideas the best chance at success. Our digital first approach focuses time and effort where it's most effective. Being lean means design is targetted, helping prove assumptions, saving cost and with room to realign if required. Working collaboratively with you as part of our team, decisions can be made quicker and solutions can progress further. Together, the aim is to craft a brand that can help your product through the funding cycle and on to succeed in the market.

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Progressing early stage businesses

If your early stage business is still defining the direction it's headed, we can help ensure the visual side of your business is in keeping with your product and get you moving in the right direction quicker. Perhaps you have a visual identity already but something wasn't working and you've pivoted? We can help in refocussing and realigning your visual identity to ensure coherence and consistency. Building trust in your brand through consistent integrated user experience is key to success.

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