Can AI design you a logo?

With advances in AI vast, and growing likelihood of job automation through more and more sectors, has the time come to automate design? Or more specifically logo design?

It seems some would think so. Several new services have popped up offering exactly this as a service.

On first impressions many of the sites are slick and well designed, certainly pitching an alluring prospect. However after multiple attempts at creating logos and putting the services through their paces, we found most outcomes to be reasonably underwhelming. Most sites certainly appear to showcase some of the more polished outcomes on their homepages.

These sites have clearly found a market. However the quality of what’s being produced as it stands today, will miss the mark for many in our eyes. Brands need to connect with people, they require heart. Branding is a mix of maths and magic. Lacking in depth, we found that what’s available right now doesn’t seem to be able to contribute on this front… Not just yet anyway.

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