Brands and their tools


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The primary role of a brand is to make it easier for consumers to choose which products to buy. As digital technology disrupts more marketplaces with the ongoing growth of mobile web, consumers are able to access information, reviews and expert opinion that informs their decision on whether to become a customer. As a result, both brand positioning and the tools a brand chooses to implement their services matter immensely.

Meaningful connections

In today’s dynamic digital world, the belief is that a brand is only relevant if it has a higher purpose and deeper meaning around why it does what it does. Demonstrating how it can remain relevant with continued positive impact on it’s customers lives is key to a brand establishing itself. Brands use pictures, words, video and sounds to create a deep bond with their customer, and this embeds layers of influence into the subconscious, leading to a greater perceived value.   

A holistic experience

Before brand to customer relationships, purpose starts with it’s employees, whose decisions, attitudes and actions result in the brands external experience. Without a clearly expressed and defined brand story, a company will be unclear on it’s messaging, narrative and how each individual’s actions should contribute to the whole.

Instead of discussing whether brands are relevant when digital marketing is universal, the question is how can brand be strengthened by taking a holistic approach to digital marketing strategies, as well as traditional marketing, PR and advertising.


The brand story should take a central role in everything a company does.

In the current age of  digital transparency, consumers instantly know the difference between what a company says and what it does. It is therefore the duty of a brand to embed themselves throughout the marketing and product development journey, and be able to communicate value without the added layer of of advertising.  

As information is more and more available and the importance of brands increases, the main challenge for brands is the increasingly prevalent  role of social media. The ability of a brand to tell a meaningful story through actions and products, whilst maintaining coherent messaging through social media will go a long way in ensuring they remain relevant, coherent and build towards a long lasting success.


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