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Naming your brand is the first step towards bringing your business idea to life. Your name should convey both the personality and the unique characteristics of your startup.  Strong brand names have strong connections with an image your audience can relate to. However, deciding a name can be difficult within a team with many individual differences of opinion. In a world full of established and emerging brands, another difficulty is trying to find a name that hasn’t already been taken.

A great name connects with your audience and aligns with your goals. A name that is clear concise and powerful is most likely to connect with your audience as well as investors and gives you a better chance of being memorable.

Keep it short

Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google keep it short and sweet. If you can think of a name that symbolises what you do in less than three syllables, you’re already on on the right track to a lasting and memorable brand. An identity that builds a deep connection with your audience needs to be concise and easy to recall.

Ensure that you pick a brand name that is meaningful and relates positively to your startup. A domain name like “” is excellent as it is easy to communicate and conveys the meaning of the business instantly whilst being helpful in search engine optimisation efforts.

Keep it simple

Brand names should be memorable and easy to spell. The key is clarity. Don’t confuse your audience or choose a name that they are likely to have trouble with spelling. You want it to be accessible, catchy and distinct. If it is too similar to another brand name, there’s a chance your audience might get confused. Make your name different.

Keep it broad

As your company grows, your service offering might change. There’s a good change that as you try to reach new audiences, the demographic that you appeal to may alter too. It is therefore important to choose a name that doesn’t confine you, and allows the room to tailor your service offering to reach new locations and groups of people. Think universal, think about growth and think about how the nature of your company might change and adapt over time.

Get creative

Conduct a session for brainstorming names. Do it with friends and peers, and talk between yourselves about concepts, and how the name relates to your product offering. A catchy name will demonstrate enthusiasm and connect with your audience.

Do your research

Once you have some options for your name, It is really important to conduct research to identify whether they have already been taken by another company. Choosing the same name as an already established company may hinder your launch, cause a host of issues when selecting a  website domain and effect your search engine optimisation. You may also find there are complications when you come to trademarking your company. If this does happen, don’t worry, it might be a great opportunity to reassess your decisions and rethink your brand personality.

Pick one you like

Make sure you like your name. You and your team are going to be talking about it a lot. It’s important that it reflects your values, is a name you are proud to represent, and it’s a name that can stand the test of time.


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