The purpose driven brand

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Consumers are changing their attitudes towards the brands they purchase. The wide range of beliefs, ideas and choice means we are at a point where brands are increasingly more purpose driven, seeking to engage and improve society whilst emphasising the positive impact they can have on an individuals life.

The objective of the purpose-driven brand is to provide great products and services that people aspire to, supported by bold marketing campaigns that engage customers in promoting positive change. The purpose driven brands of today put consideration of ethics and sustainability at the root of their business.

Taking issue with what’s there

The branding process begins with identifying what already exists in a particular sector. Setting time aside for research and building an overview of the competitive landscape helps to identify competitors, and similar pre-existing services which then provides the opportunity to amend and modify what your brand stands for.

Market influence is key when ensuring your new offering fits with a strategy determined by customers needs, and ensures that it is understood and stands out. The purpose driven brand builds a foundation from customer insight, and designs in accordance.

The case for innovation

Researching your customers experience of existing products, identifying the successes, limitations, and failures can be a reliable basis to build your product. In the case of raw innovation however, the drive may not come directly from a customer need, instead, it usually comes from a key individual insight.

Some brands innovations emerge directly as a response from searching for a direct solution to a problem, or something better than what already exists. Having a strong edge in a single field can be key, as other company features improve over time they should do so inline with your overall brand vision, complimenting a core asset in which you excel. Keeping things focussed is efficient, allows for consistency and ultimately builds trust.

Give it some weight

Purpose driven brands must blend both meaning and technology. Whilst people are receptive to data that helps them understand how the brand is woven into their everyday, technology builds the connection with the customer and establishes a relationship on their terms. Brands that are successful are experts at communicating with their audience through conversation and subtle messaging, but becoming an iconic brand requires an emotional connection with audience.

“If your brand doesn’t stand for something, if it doesn’t have a unique voice, if it doesn’t deeply resonate in the culture, you’re going to have a really hard time at becoming iconic.”

Vineet Mehra, the CMO of Ancestry

Experience and shared values

In the ever changing digital landscape branding has adapted. Consumers are taking to social media to transmit their message of association with brands, and are ready to further amplify their advocacy for issues that your brand supports. An audience’s willingness to share content reinforces your message, and ensures your brand’s voice reaches new audiences.

Key Takeaways

  1. Values transparency — Place your customer at the centre of what you do, remind them of the values you share each time you interact. This will build trust.
  2. Get your customers to participate — Know your customers, what they care about and think about how they can get involved in a meaningful way.
  3. Build a lasting relationship — Shared values and working towards a common goal with your customer creates an emotional and lasting connection. Report on the positive impact you have made together with your audience.

The purpose driven brand has a lasting, authentic cultural voice remaining transparent and authentic at all times with a strong ethos embedded in everything they do.



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